Navigating Workouts

Date Navigation

By Week

Tap the Week button next to the date button to navigate to a date within a one week span. Swipe the dates left or right to change the calendar week.

The blue dots under the day number indicate the number of sessions on that date. For dates with no sessions, there are no dots. For 1 session, one dot. For 3 or more sessions, 3 dots are shown.

Week Navigation

By Month

To see dates a month at a time, tap the date button in the middle of the title bar to pull up the month calendar navigation view.

Week Navigation

This view shows today's date in red and the date selection in blue. When you change the date selection, the session and set overview is shown for that date. Tap a set to navigate directly to the session that contains the set.

Session Navigation

Swipe the session left or right to go to the next or previous session on the current day, respectively. Your current session indicator is the red dot at the bottom of the screen. The presence of other sessions on the current day is indicated by white dots.
Session navigation

Set Navigation

On the set detail view, tap the or buttons next to the set title to move the current set by one, or swipe the set title left to go forward one set and swipe right to go back one set.

Set navigation