View your exercise one rep max data or add a custom exercise here. When you tap an exercise row, it will take you to the details for that exercise, which includes the one rep max history and a way to edit the exercise.

Add an Exercise

Tap the + button next to the search bar to add an exercise. If you want to use the plate calculator on your set detail view with this exercise, that is, the exercise uses a barbell, then tap the “Uses Barbell” option.

Type a name for the exercise that is at least one character long, and then save it to make it available in your exercise database. You can now add it to a workout as a set.

Any exercises you create this way will have a "User" indicator on this view. Exercises that come with StrengthMark are considered "System" exercises.

Edit Exercise

You can edit an exercise’s name and whether or not it uses a barbell. If you turn on “Uses barbell,” it means that a plate calculator will be shown on the set detail’s weight entry screen. Turning it off hides the plate calculator.

One Rep Max History

This is a history of progress for each exercise. To add a new value, tap the + button below the exercise name. You can set the entry date to one in the past, if needed.